Gladstone Road Runners

Promoting Health, Fitness & Community Spirit in a Social Environment

About Gladstone Road Runners

We are a group of people of all ages and abilities who enjoy running. The club was originally formed in 1974 and known as Gladstone Amateur Athletic Club. After 12 years of differing success, it was taken over by a different format. The new group, the Gladstone Road Runners had it's inaugural meeting on September 25, 1986 with the first handicap run being held on October 15, 1986 and a membership base of 51 by year end. Road Runners gradually increased in numbers in the early days to reach an all time high of 173 members, with 85 the greatest number recorded for a run along the waterfront. Since 2009 the club has seen a phenomenal increase in numbers with a club record of 110 runners for a Thursday night run and total membership of 165 + members each year.


To read the full history of the Gladstone Road Runners 1974 - 2004 by John Noort, click on this link.


Numbers these days are around 180 members with around 60 people at our weekly run. Families and children are encouraged to attend and join in the fun and the friendship.

We meet Thursday's at 5:15pm for a 5:30pm race start. Weekly courses vary with the short course over 2K or 3K, and the long course over 4K, 5K or 6K. Most weeks however is over 2K and 5K.


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